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Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you have been looking for without all those annoying library dependancies. If you have a

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Bradley T. Hughes
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Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you have been looking for without all those annoying library dependancies.

If you have a C++ compiler and the X Window System you can compile and use it.

What's New in This Release:
fix compilation on OpenBSD and Mac OS X
documentation updates to data/
fix bt::Timer to make sure it still works after daylight-savings changes
fix horizontal text alignment by adding a small indent to all text
fix sunken gradient rendering: the colors are no longer inverted, and the correct bevel is drawn
add bt::XDG::BaseDir, which is an implementation of the basedir-spec version 0.6
make bt::Pen able to recover from cache faults
silence messages from bt::PixmapCache about the cache maximum being exceeded
add bt::Rect::inside(), which ensures that one rectangle is inside the other
fix bt::Resource to do nothing if filename arguments are empty
fix bt::Resource::merge() to stop overriding existing entries (it should only add new ones)
add bt::Texture::textureResource() overload that returns a default texture if the resource cannot be found
add bt::dirname(), which returns the directory part of a file path
add bt::mkdirhier(), which is equivalent to 'mkdir -m mode -p path'
add bt::tolower(), which returns a string with all characters lowercase
add the "Center Placement" window placement policy, which places all new windows in the center of the screen
add "Shade Window with Mouse Wheel" and "Toolbar Actions with Mouse Wheel" configuration options
add window-to-window snapping support. This feature is off by default, you need to set session.windowSnapThreshold to a positive number in your ~/.blackboxrc.
add support for piped menus. The output of a command can be used to create the blackbox menu. This is done by prepending the pipe character, |, to session.menuFile in ~/.blackboxrc or to [include] filenames.
[nop] menu entries are now drawn disabled
fix "Focus Last Window on Workspace" behavior to stop preferring windows that occupy all workspaces
window placement takes windows with Desktop and Dialog types into consideration and does the appropriate thing (instead of placing them normally)
remove 1 pixel gaps between windows when doing smart placement
allow users to override the style's rootCommand in their ~/.blackboxrc
fix default colors used by blackbox when no style is found
allow the Toolbar to be raised and lowered with Alt+LeftMouseButton and Alt+MiddleMouseButton, respectively
fix maximized+shaded windows from disappearing when restarting blackbox
each window's windowmenu can be accessed now with Mod4+RightMouseButton
fix fullscreen support to ignore aspect ratios set by applications (specifically, this should fix movie players that are currently displaying 16:9 video on a 4:3 screen)
fix support for _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW, normally sent from pagers
fix focus problems caused by applications that try to fake fullscreen by setting focus to an override-redirect window (e.g. rdekstop)

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