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Blue Frog allows you to actively demand spammers to stop sending you spam

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Blue Frog allows you to actively demand spammers to stop sending you spam. Blue Frog automatically and securely posts complaints and opt-out requests at spam sites asking spammers to remove Blue Community members from their mailing lists.

The Do Not Intrude Registry creates an incentive for spammers to stop sending unsolicited e-mail to members of the Blue Community.

Consumers and businesses may register their e-mail addresses or their entire e-mail domains, and receive less spam simply because spammers would remove them from their mailing lists.

Consumers and businesses alike can join the service, free of charge, by becoming active members of the Blue community. As an active member of the community, you download the Blue Frog client and actively complain and request to opt-out of spam. The Do Not Intrude Registry empowers you to exercise your right to opt out of spam safely and automatically.

Businesses may also subscribe with the Do Not Intrude Registry without being active members of the community. This paid subscription service allows you to register your e-mail domain in the Registry and receive less spam without installing software in your network.

The Blue Frog is a simple and straightforward solution to spam:

1. Users join the Blue Community

Blue Community members add their e-mail addresses or e-mail domains to the Registry. Active members install Blue Frog on their machines.

2. Spammers use mailing lists

Spammers are required to stop sending spam to all Blue Community members. Non-complying spammers maintain mailing lists that may contain addresses of Blue Community members.

3. Members receive spam

When a spammer sends bulk e-mail using his lists, some Blue Community members may receive this spam message to their mailboxes.

4. Members report their spam

Our experts identify the merchants using spam to advertise their sites and prepare scripts instructing Blue Frog how to post complaints. Additionally, Reports are sent to government agencies and ISPs asking them to take action against these sites.

5. Members complain about spam

Blue Frog clients, installed on active Community Members' machines, automatically post complaints at spam sites by filling forms they contain. Posting complaints is safe and does not expose your identity.

6. Merchants process complaints

A single opt-out complaint is posted per each spam message received. Merchants process complaints posted by active community Members rather than process potential customers' purchase orders.

7. Spammers comply with the Registry

Spammers and merchants choose to stop sending spam to the all Blue community members. It allows them to avoid receiving complaints and to stop sending spam to people who will never buy their products.

8. Members stop receiving spam

Blue Community members will no longer receive spam simply because spammers will stop sending it to them!

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