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BlueSense SDK is a software development kit for communicating with BlueSense equipment

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2200K
Developer: Blue Melon
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BlueSense SDK is a software development kit for communicating with BlueSense equipment. BlueSense SDK allows you to read out sensors or control actuators.

A user-space USB driver for all platforms is included. Examples for all modules are also included. For Java, there is an object-oriented interface, and for C, there is a function based interface.

Our system has a few big advantages over competiting systems:

- First BlueSense is truly modular. With other systems when you run out of inputs you're stuck. With BlueSense you can always add new modules.
- Our boards have been programmed with intelligence. Seamlessly you can use counters, rotary encoders, adjust sampling resolution, etc. All the tiresome work has been done for you!
- A minimum number of electronic components is needed. For example you can add relays directly without the use of any transistors!
- Are your modules placed on spots which are difficult to reach? You can use the BlueSense wireless boards. Multiple wireless boards can be used
- High data speeds over a cabled network. Most inputs and outputs can be updated over 1000 times a second.
- Software support for a large number of software packages like Max/Msp(tm), Processing, C, Java and others. BlueSense is supported on MaxOSX, Windows and Linux. The developer library is freeware.

What's New in This Release:
Support was added for TCP/IP Ethernet master.
A firmware upload tool was added with seperate firmware downloads.
The firmware package includes firmware for all modules.
The digital output module does not support 16 adjustable PWM outputs.

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