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License: Freeware
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Developer: BMDFM Team
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BMDFM (Binary Modular DataFlow Machine) is software, which enables running an application in parallel on shared memory symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) using the multiple processors to speed up the execution of single applications.

BMDFM automatically identifies and exploits parallelism due to the static and mainly DYNAMIC SCHEDULING of the data flow instruction sequences derived from the formerly sequential program ensuring unique parallel correctness.

No directives for parallel execution are required!
No highly knowledgeable parallel programmers are required!

BMDFM dynamic scheduling subsystem performs an efficient SMP emulation
of Tagged-Token DFM to provide the transparent dataflow semantics for
the applications.

Every machine supporting ANSI C and shmctl()/semctl() UNIX SVR4 IPC calls may run BMDFM.
BMDFM provides an already compiled fully multithreaded version for:
Intel / Linux / 32bit,
Intel / FreeBSD / 32bit,
IA-64 / Linux / 64bit,
AMDx86-64 / Linux / 64bit,
Alpha / Tru64 OSF1 / 64bit,
Alpha / Linux / 64bit,
Alpha / FreeBSD / 64bit,
PA-RISC / HP-UX / 32bit,
PA-RISC / HP-UX / 64bit,
SPARC / SunOS / 32bit,
SPARC / SunOS / 64bit,
MIPS / IRIX / 32bit,
MIPS / IRIX / 64bit,
RS6000 / AIX / 32bit,
RS6000 / AIX / 64bit,
PowerPC / MacOS / 32bit,
Intel / Win32-SFU,
Intel / Win32-UWIN
and a limited singlethreaded version for Intel / Win32.

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