Boss Ogg 0.13.6 review

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Boss Ogg is a server based music (ogg/mp3/flac) player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ted Kulp
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Boss Ogg is a server based music (ogg/mp3/flac) player. Written in Python/C, uses sqlite for a database backend, and xml-rpc for client/server communication. Clients are released for php, sdl and curses(geezer).

Compilation and installion are very typical for unix applications. './configure' to configure the program to your system ('./configure --help' will show you some flags). 'make' will build the python modules. 'make install' will install the program.

What's New in This Release:
gcc/g++ 3.0 or greater
Python 2.2 (
Sqlite 2.8.3 (
Pysqlite 0.4.3 (
libao 0.8.3 (
libvorbis/libvorbisfile 1.0 (for Ogg Vorbis support) (
libflac 1.1.0 (for Flac support) (
libmad 0.15 (for MP3 support) (
libid3 3.8.3 (for id3/mp3 metadata support) (

What's New in This Release:
Added the port command line switch
Fixed a bug in ConfigFile that would not reload config files properly
Fixed the -H switch in bosync

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