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Burn is a simple program/script written in Python

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 69K
Developer: Gaetano Paolone
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Burn is a simple program/script written in Python. It's aim is to make it simple and quick to burn CDs or DVDs.

Here are some key features of "Burn":
create Audio CD from .ogg, .mp3, .wav (even toghether)
copy CDs
create Data-CD or DVD (storage, backups, etc.)
create a CD or DVD from an existing ISO image.
size of stuff to be burned.
compute if there is enough free space for temporary files (images and audio files).
warns if size is bigger than CD/DVD capacity
convert .mp3 and .ogg in .wav without external decoders
perform burn simulations for testing
eject CD/DVD at the end of burn process
asks if you want to see what is going to be burned (mounts and umount image)
asks if you want to make other copies
shows main id3 tags for .mp3 and .ogg files

In order to work, burn requires python (v.2.3), cdrecord (>= 4:2.01), mkisofs (>= 4:2.01), cdrdao, eyeD3, pyogg (python-pyvorbis) (generic Ogg Vorbis modules for Python).

Optionally: you can choose not to decode mp3 and ogg files with native burn functions choosing to do it with external decoders. If you wanto to do so, you have to install preferred decoders (ogg123, mpg321, mpg123, etc.) and set up burn.conf. (remember: lame uses mpg123 to convert to wav).

Warning powerpc users: internal decoder (mp3 to wav) does not work. Please use external decoding.

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