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Caligare Flow Inspector (CFI) software is a tool for processing and evaluating network traffic, using network flows export statistics

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Caligare Flow Inspector (CFI) software is a tool for processing and evaluating network traffic, using network flows export statistics sent by router.

Caligare Flow Inspector is also a user-friendly application used for network diagnostics. Caligare Flow Inspector has the added ability of real time monitoring and data analysis, in which you can find and locate network traffic transmitted over the local

CFI?s user-friendly web interface helps you to view, evaluate, and easily analyze/take out detailed information about network activities. CFI provides you with virtual real-time traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration, aggregation, and statistical evaluation.

The CFI software is capable of providing multi-criteria data flow selection using source/destination IP addresses, protocols, ports etc. including heuristic methods for detecting applications using dynamics ports.

CFI software version 3 monitors your network and helps you derive information about possible attacks in real time. This helps you find suspicious network activities and gives you adequate time to respond, depending on how serious the danger is.

The IT staff can then immediately prepare a response, to repair the situation, and thus reducing the risk of losing the network. All information about network activities is archived in a central database.

If downtime is not an option for your organization and you depend on networks, your IT staff needs to anticipate problems before they happen and respond quickly when they do occur. This is nearly impossible without sophisticated software like CFI.

Here are some key features of "Caligare Flow Inspector":
Basic statistics: Bytes.

Top source hosts per byte.
Top source hosts per packet.
Top source hosts distribution.
Top destination hosts per byte.
Top destination hosts per packet.
Top destination hosts distribution.
Top hosts conversations per byte.
Top hosts conversations per packet.
Top applications per byte.
Top applications per packet.
Top protocols per byte.
Top protocols per packet.
Top ToS/DSCP per byte.
Top ToS/DSCP per packet.
Top source TCP/UDP ports per byte.
Top source TCP/UDP ports per packet.
Top destination TCP/UDP ports per byte.
Top destination TCP/UDP ports per packet.
Top source interfaces per byte.
Top source interfaces per packet.
Top destination interfaces per byte.
Top destination interfaces per packet.
Top interface conversations per byte.
Top interface conversations per packet.
Top source ASes per byte.
Top source ASes per packet.
Top destination ASes per byte.
Top destination ASes per packet.
Top AS conversations per byte.
Top AS conversations per packet.
Top next hops per byte.
Top next hops per packet.
Top ICMP messages per byte.
Top ICMP messages per packet.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds host lists, a graph icon, and a netflow receiving buffer.
It fixes the removing process for deleted collectors.

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