Cammgr 1.5 review

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Cammgr manages a collection of web cameras

License: BSD License
File size: 83K
Developer: Jeff Forys
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Cammgr manages a collection of web cameras. It will bring cameras online or offline, and initiate or suspend image capture operations.

Any camera can be controlled provided a driver is available. Cammgr supports multiple images per camera, default images for inactive cameras, per- user/host/camera notifications, and an easy-to- use configuration file.

Cammgr can scan Apache log files to auto-initiate image capture, and tune capture frequency can to the minimum needed to ensure that clients receive a new image on request.

What's New in This Release:
Support for Axis network cameras was added.
A bug where the pipe file descriptor was left open across shell exec was fixed.
A client capture manager from where all capture processes are dispatched and monitored was created.
A bug where the capture process did not go away when cammgr exited was fixed.
Other miscellaneous cleanups were done.

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