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CDEveryWhere creates a one-session iso image file that supports Joliet, HFS, RockRidge, and ISO9660 file systems. Most CD Burner app

License: Shareware
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Developer: Interactive Information R&D
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CDEveryWhere creates a one-session iso image file that supports Joliet, HFS, RockRidge, and ISO9660 file systems.

Most CD Burner applications only support 2 file systems. CDEveryWhere supports all 4 file systems - so your CD data can be shared seamlessly across platforms.

Cross-platform CDs... Easy!

Just drag and drop files using our easy to use interface, and burn the ISO using your favorite CD recording software. Technically, CDEveryWhere creates a CD image which supports ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet and HFS file systems.

CDEveryWhere maximizes CD disk space

Major CD Burner applications don't make a full use of the CD-R/RW disk space, and limit the CD size to be 640 Mb. Other software also creates identical sets of data for each file system - reusing disk space for the same files!. CDEveryWhere creates an ISO with one set of data to be shared by all or just the file systems you choose!

Mac CD's without a Mac

CDEveryWhere has a file type and creator conversion database for Macintosh files which assigns the appropriate file information to the files. Without these, the Macintosh OS won't recognize the file! Using CDEveryWhere you can create the Macintosh CD from Windows or Unix/Linux computers. Also, you can retrieve Mac files directly from a Mac using a CDEveryWhere server. So, you don't need a Mac hard drive or any complicated tools to get the files from a Mac and burn them to a CD.

AutoStart/AutoRun CD

Specify which file is to be opened when the CD is inserted into Windows or MacOS computers. This is useful for multimedia presentations using PowerPoint, Flash, etc. Just insert the CD, the presentation file will be opened by the appropriate application.

Professional File Compilation

CDEveryWhere makes it easy to collect data from various sources in addition to your computer's hard drive. These sources could be remote servers (via FTP), networked drives, or compressed files. Once you establish the access to the remote source, just drag and drop to build your iso file!

Create Advanced File Layouts

CDEveryWhere allows you to compile the CD layout so you can choose which files or directories will be shown in each of the platforms. CDEveryWhere can even associate certain extensions with specific file systems to automate this process.

OS Independent Software

CDEveryWhere is a Java application. This means CDEveryWhere can be installed and used in any Java-enabled computer. Almost all modern computers are Java-enabled.

Java 1.4.2 or later.

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