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cdevour script is designed to make CD ripping painless

License: MIT/X Consortium License
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Developer: Brendan Becker and C. M. Chick
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cdevour script is designed to make CD ripping painless. Aside from swapping discs, it aims for as little user interaction as possible. Drives are continually polled for discs. Upon finding a disc in a drive, it determines what CD it is, makes sure it has enough disk space, and rips.

Names are retrieved from CDDB and the disc is ejected when finished. CDs that have already been ripped are ejected immediately, and when there is not enough disk space, the script waits until there is.

A separate encoding script encodes files into Ogg Vorbis in the background. Encoded files are tagged and renamed. Another script can move albums into a music directory automatically.

Here are some key features of "cdevour":
continually polls your cdrom drives for discs
determines what CD it is
ejects a CD if it has already been ripped
rips your cds, making sure it has enough disk space to do so
monitors disk usage of running rips
queues discs for ripping when not enough disk space is available
gets all the information it needs to name your rips later
ejects when finished with a CD
applies cheese or peanut butter spread to discs if desired

cdevour also spawns its own separate encoding script which:
encodes any finished rips into ogg vorbis, one track at a time
removes raw data when finished with a track to save disk space
tags the encoded file with artist, album, track number, title
renames the file (by default, to my personal liking)
moves encodes of finished albums to an artist/album directory structure

oggenc (or flac if you mess with my beautiful handiwork)
CDDB_get 2.2 or better (which requires perl) from
cdctl from if you want to be able to lock drives
A running httpd (Apache) if you want web-accessible stats.

What's New in This Release:
Moving rips is now enabled by default, and cd*txt are copied instead of moved so that disk info can be checked by discid.
Extraneous verbosity was removed.
Data tracks are now taken into account when moving rips.
The iterated "..." when waiting for riplock was removed.

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