CheckDNS 2005.06.06 review

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CheckDNS is a domain name server analysis and reporting tool

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 17K
Developer: Atilim Boy
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CheckDNS is a domain name server analysis and reporting tool. It checks and reports whether a domain name, hosted by your organization, is still in use, and if so, reports whether your name servers are still the delegated name servers of the domain name in question.

Reports are generated both to the console and as HTML output. HTMLs also include information about the MX and WWW records of the domain name.

The tool is expected to be of great use for Internet Service Providers who are in need of keeping track of lame dns records.

Here are some key features of "CheckDNS":
Bind support.
DjbDNS support.
Listing domains; sorted by group and Alphabetical Order.
Status Statistics.
Displaying Name Servers, Mail Servers, and Web Server IP.
Colored display for different domain type.
Displaying number of domain count.
Domain's web site link.
HTML outputs with CSS support.
Console output same as html outputs. (it is good enough for mailing with cron job..)
Getting domains from txt file to analysis.
Multi language support to outputs: Turkish, English, Spanish, German.

What's New in This Release:
german language support to html outputs

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