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Cjukebox is a python/curses based management system for audio files and playlists

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 35K
Developer: Robert Muth
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Cjukebox is a python/curses based management system for audio files and playlists. Its user interface was inspired by the Norton commander for DOS. It does not rely on a separate database. Playback is made by the Musicus tool, which plays all audio formats supported by xmms (wav, Ogg, MP3, Flac, MPC, etc.).

Here are some key features of "Cjukebox":
two independent main windows which can be either used for file browsing or playlist editing
width of the two main windows can be changed by user
Various views modes: for different presentations of songs listings
Various playback modes: shuffle, etc.
"Goodlist": save songs that you like into a special playlist with a single key stroke
"Badlist": contains audio files in your collection you never want to listen too (useful for random play over you entire collection)
Songs can be added to the badlist with a single key stroke
Playlist Hotkey: Immediately load play up to 10 predefined playlist with a single key stroke
Play history: complete access to all songs you have listened to during the current session
freedb records: for obtaining song name/artist/album/time information
embedded tags for most audio formats are also supported via musicus
info hook: Use an arbitrary external program to present information about the song currently playing and other events

What's New in This Release:
fixed problem when inserting into empty playlist
File: index.html Status: Locally Modified

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