cl-wav-synth 2006-10-26 review

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cl-wav-synth project is a wav sample editor

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 1162K
Developer: Philippe Brochard
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cl-wav-synth project is a wav sample editor. The wav sample editor is driven from the lisp REPL: you can watch immediately the result of each applied functions. cl-wav-synth comes with some effects as echo, delay, pitch...

The spectrum editor is here just for educational purpose. It show the effect of adding sinus together. But it can load spectrum from the sharc project and can be used to produce instruments sounds (the sample amplitude need to be modified to have a real sound).

The song editor is a way to express a song. A song is just a list of events to write on a wav file. cl-wav-synth traverses the song list and evaluates the form of each song-sample, if the result is a wav sample, it is merged in the song wav file.


To run the CLIM CLI interface of cl-wav-synth, you need a lisp implementation* with asdf, McCLIM and the CLIM Listener built in. Then you can load the file load.lisp or edit it for tweaking.

Tested with CMUCL (GNU/Linux x86, MacOS X), SBCL (GNU/Linux x86 and PPC, MacOS X) and CLISP (GNU/Linux x86 and PPC, MacOS X and MS-Windows)

What's New in This Release:
When no listener layout is selected, a 1/9 listener is displayed, so the listener is reduced but not hidden.
In read-header, unused headers are skipped.

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