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Clabbers is an anagram tool aimed towards solving Scrabble racks

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 769K
Developer: Martin A. Brooks
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Clabbers is an anagram tool aimed towards solving Scrabble racks. Clabbers project consists of a couple of Perl scripts, a word list, and an SQL schema.

It was designed for use with PostgreSQL, though it could be ported to other database backends.

Perl DBI:Pg library


The schema included will work for any word list that uses the plain A to Z alphabet.
If you use Debian, you can install everything needed with:

apt-get install postgresql libdbd-pg-perl

Assuming that we start with an empty database called sowpods which is owned by a user of the same name, we need to load the schema:

psql --user sowpods sowpods < sowpods_schema.sql

This will create 27 tables and several indexes. We next need to generate the main table from the word list, and then load it into the database. > clabbers-maintable.sql
psql --user sowpods sowpods < clabbers-maintable.sql

We then need to generate a metaindex for the word list and load that into the database, too. > clabbers-index.sql
psql --user sowpods sowpods < clabbers-index.sql

This will take some time to process, it's about 1.6 million INSERTs in total for the SOWPODS wordlist but once done you should be ready to go. To test try: and_

If all is well, this will give you all possible words for those three letter plus one blank tile.

martin@winter:~clabbers-0.0.2# ./ and_

2 (42) : aa ab ad ae ag ah ai al am an ar as at aw ax ay ba da de di do ea ed
en fa ha id in ka la ma na ne no nu ny od on pa ta un ya

3 (74) : add ado ads adz aid ain ana and ane ani ann ant any ard awn bad ban
cad can dab dad dae dag dah dak dal dam dan dap das daw day den din don dun ean end fad fan gad gan had han lad mad man mna nab nae nag nah nam nan nap nas nat naw nay ned nid nod oda pad pan rad ran sad san tad tan van wad wan

4 (22) : ands band damn dang dank dans dant darn dawn dean dona duan fand hand land mand nada nard pand rand sand wand

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