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class.upload.php manipulates uploads and images very easily

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 45K
Developer: Colin Verot
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class.upload.php manipulates uploads and images very easily. It can convert and resize uploaded images in many ways. It uses the GD library.

How does it work?

the class constructor upload handles a uploaded file (it can also handle a local file)
some optional parameters can be set up to act on the file during the process
the process is called with as an argument the destination directory on the server. If some parameters have been set up, the class will rename, resize, convert files and images
when the uploaded file is not needed anymore, we can delete it using clean.

Why use this class?

with one uploaded file, you can do as many copies, convertions, resizing you want.
you can resize each image dimension, or both, keeping the image ratio or not.
you can choose to resize an image only if it is bigger -or smaller- than the wanted sizes
you can manipulate the image in many ways, play with colors, add labels and watermarks...
its use is simplistic but powerful
a lot of variables are set up during the process. You can retrieve all these values after a process.
error messages are understandable, and a variable log allows you to see what the class does.
it is already widely used on Internet
it is free

What's New in This Release:
Some bugfixes and new features were added.
The possibility of resizing pictures within set dimensions was added, as was the ability to keep the ratio while filling the extra space by cropping the excess of the image.
The class is now fully PHP5 compatible.

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