Clearbox 1.0 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 615K
Developer: Hugo Olabera
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Clearbox is a customizable theme for the Metacity Window Manager.

A small GTK application allow configure the differents theme aspects, preview the theme and save it in the user themes folder.

The options that can be configured in the Clearbox theme are the following ones:

Topbar style
Clearbox-out, Clearbox-in or flat
Gradient intensity (3 levels)
Frame style
Square corners or rounded corners
Border width
Colorized borders
Interior outline
3D effect borders
Title position
Left or center
Text with shadow
Controls style
Simple, with dark frame or with clear frame
Buttons size
Buttons gap
Button menu style
Arrow or application icon
Theme colors
GTK theme colors or custom colors

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