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Cloud Wiki is a wiki engine written in Python and backed by Sqlite

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: swdunlop
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Cloud Wiki is a wiki engine written in Python and backed by Sqlite. Cloud Wiki provides user authentication, powerful command line administration facilities, and a concise, efficient Web interface.

Here are some key features of "Cloud Wiki":
Flexible user authentication system. See An Argument Against Anonymous Wikis for an explanation why Cloud Wiki supports user authentication.
Implementation of C2 Wiki's fundamental Wiki Principles
Extremely fast SQLite database used for node storage, caching generated content html, content changes and dependency information.
Long running web server process, instead of a slow loading CGI. Designed to run well behind a reverse proxy.
Minimalist markup language designed with an emphasis on having just enough features to be useful, but not so many that new users are intimidated. All linking is done with brace-enclosed free links, for example.
Modular user authentication system.
Powerful command line node and server manipulation tools for easy administration.
An interface to view change/replacements to a node in the past three days.
Added Nodes gateway to list all nodes added to the wiki in the past three days.
Changed Nodes gateway to list all nodes changed on the wiki in the past three days.
Generated content is automatically valid, strict XHTML 1.0.
Wikis may be exported to static HTML files; our Sourceforge website is produced this way from our test wiki.


What's New in This Release:
Cloud Wiki is now deployable as a traditional CGI, in addition to the original application server model.
It is also easier to manage on Windows hosts.

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