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codstats.tcl is a eggdrop tcl script witch communicates with your Call Of Duty server via RCON commands and reads responses from the

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 11K
Developer: Nonoo
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codstats.tcl is a eggdrop tcl script witch communicates with your Call Of Duty server via RCON commands and reads responses from the server's log file. codstats.tcl script has several different 'modules' you can enable:

- codspeak module: if you turn this on you'll see the users' ingame speech on your IRC channel and the players'll see the messages coming from the IRC channel. COD & mIRC color codes will be converted correctly.
- codstats module: player statistics (frag count, toplist, killratio, weapon usage, etc.)
- codevents module: displays server joins/parts on the IRC channel, periodically announces the number of players on the server (if there are players). Period time can be adjusted with CODANNOUNCETIME setting.

So this script is ideal for your COD clan's IRC channel using with your private clan server.

Available channel commands for channel/bot operators: (you can change these bindings at the end of this script)

!cstatus (!cs) - prints out server status
!rcon - sends an rcon command (notice: result of command won't be displayed on the channel!) - only for channel/bot operators
!cseen [nick] - prints out the time when the given user was last seen on the cod server
!ctimespent [nick]: prints out the length of time the user has spent playing cod on the server
!cstat [nick] - prints the given nick's stats
!ftopten (!ftop10, !ctopten, !ctop10) - prints the frag top10
!ktopten (!ktop10) - prints the timeskilled top10
!ftop20 (!ctop20) - prints the frag top20
!ktop20 - prints the timeskilled top20
!weapon [nick] - prints nick's favourite weapons used for killing
!target [nick] - prints nick's favourite deadly targets toplist
!hit [nick] - prints the points where nick's got the most deadly hits
!fraglist - displays the server's current fraglist
!savedb - saves database file - only for channel/bot owners
!loaddb - loads database file - only for channel/bot owners
!cuserdel [nick] (!cdeluser) - deletes given nick from the database - only for channel/bot owners
!weed [days] - deletes users not seen since given days - only for channel/bot owners
!csum [to] [from] - adds from's stats to to's stats and deletes from - only for channel/bot owners

I've made a tcl script for starting/stopping our COD and Teamspeak server using simple commands on our IRC channel. This script called codmngr.tcl You can download it above at the Download section.


1. Download UDP support for TCL from here:
This is needed because TCL doesn't have UDP protocol support and the script uses UDP for communicating with the COD server.
2. Extract it, run ./configure, make, make install
If configure displays an error message, make sure you have at least tcl8.4-dev (or similar installed.
3. Edit the codstats.tcl file at the SETTINGS section, set your cod host, port and rcon password, select which modules you want to enable, your IRC channel and edit other settings
4. Copy the tcl to your eggdrop's scripts directory
5. Edit your eggdrop's config and append this line to the end of the file: source scripts/codstats.tcl
6. Rehash your bot's config file (.rehash)

What's New in This Release:
The backup file now will be saved only at 5 o'clock in the morning.
Weapons named "none" won't be stored anymore.
A known issues section has been added to codstats.tcl.
Sometimes empty names were stored, and because of this frags were not saved; this has been fixed.

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