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Command Line Content Management System is my own command line content management system

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 556K
Developer: Tjebbe
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Command Line Content Management System is my own command line content management system. It's not a dynamic cms, but a script that takes a source tree and creates a web site out of it.

The idea came to me when i was using m4 for my website to generate the HTML, but i did not like the idea that i was still typing HTML in my pages, even if it was simplified by using macros. I was updating a wiki page somewhere when it hit me: i wanted a command line system that was able to take wiki style input for page content. The result is clcms.

Its in beta state at the moment, mostly to try out some different approaches to various
challenges. But i thought i'd share it now, so if you're interested and might have some ideas on where to go from here, drop me a line (or a patch). At least it can build this site and the tutorial site, but anything more fancy will probably not work.

It's also a way for me to learn Python, so i might in my ignorance produce some weird constructs here and there. Please let me know, but be gentle.

Here are some key features of "Command Line Content Management System":
Updates should be possible with a terminal and an editor
Content is stored in a directory tree
Adding pages (or items?) should be as easy as creating a new file and typing some lines in it.
For default pages/items no config necessary
No HTML, XML or anything alike for normal usage
All pages have their binary content (images, download files) in the directory of the page itself
All output is static, no generating on the fly


After untarring the tarball, add < dir>/bin to your path or copy bin/ to a directory in your path.

You can now go to < dir>/examples/documentation and build the tutorial by running

Now wasn't that easy?

Point your browser to file://< dir>/examples/documentation/out/index.html and see the result of all your hard work.

If it did not work, it's not your fault. Just remember that version number.

What's New in This Release:
.page files can now contain content attributes.
Filename extensions are removed and replaced by attribute lines in .page files.
The page.meta file should now be called page.attr.
The nomenu option had disappeared in a previous release, and has been put back.

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