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Cosmo is a calendar server

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 24405K
Developer: Brian Moseley
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Cosmo is a calendar server. With your favorite calendar program (Chandler, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, or any other WebDAV or CalDAV enabled client), you can share your calendar with other people by publishing it to Cosmo. Once your calendar is stored on the server, you can give permission for others to subscribe to it, and even modify it if their calendar client allows.

Cosmo is a file server. You can store arbitrary files in your home directory in Cosmo with any WebDAV client (including the Windows XP, Linux and Apple OS X file managers), and you can share them with others in the same way as your calendar.

Cosmo is not a web-based personal information manager. The Scooby project aims to provide an innovative web interface for calendaring and will be tightly integrated with Cosmo.

Cosmo is not a content management system. There is no support for common CMS features such as versioning, content editing or workflow. Cosmo very simply allows calendar and file management applications to publish and subscribe to a content repository.

What's New in This Release:
New features include an integrated Web calendar interface (formerly OSAF's Scooby project), a new higher performance storage architecture, limited WebDAV ACL support, administrative interface improvements, more efficient Atom feeds, and many bugfixes.

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