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Developer: Anthony Tuininga
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cx_Oracletools are Python scripts that handle Oracle databases in a cross platform manner.

Some of the scripts included manage executing scripts with error checking, describing existing objects in the database in the format needed to recreate them, dumping data into a platform-independent format, and debugging PL/SQL.

CompileSource - execute statements in a file, checking for errors
CopyData - copy data from one table or view to another
DbDebugger - allows simple debugging of PL/SQL
DescribeObject - describe objects as SQL statements for recreation
DescribeSchema - describe multiple objects as SQL statements for recreation
DumpCSV - dump the results of a select statement as comma separated values
DumpData - dump the results of a select statement as insert statements
ExportColumn - dump the data from a column into a file
ExportData - dump the data from a database into a portable dump file
ExportObjects - describe object as SQL statements for recreation in files
ExportXML - export data from a table into a simple XML file
GeneratePatch - generate SQL script to go from one set of objects to another
GenerateView - generate a view statement for a table
ImportColumn - import the contents of a file into a column in the database
ImportData - import the data dumped with ExportData
ImportXML - import data from an XML file (such as those created by ExportXML)
RebuildTable - generate SQL script to rebuild the table
RecompileSource - recompile all invalid objects in the database

What's New in This Release:
This release adds support for describing comment statements, improves performance in ImportData by about 20-25%, improves logging (particularly in exceptions), and fixes a number of bugs.

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