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CyberTester is a Web-based application originally designed to allow teachers to create tests/exams/assignments (consisting of single-

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CyberTester is a Web-based application originally designed to allow teachers to create tests/exams/assignments (consisting of single-choice, multiple-choices or keywords-based questions) and assign them to students to conduct online tests. Students can login to take these tests and review their results.

CyberTester project is suitable to be integrated into online-education services or used as a standalone Web application for a school, college or university.

This latest version of CyberTester (CyberTester2) is implemented using Java Enterprise Edition (with EJB 3), running on JBoss as it application server and MySQL as the database. CyberTester relies on JBoss to manage persistence, relationships and security.

Here are some key features of "CyberTester":
Highly configurable hierarchy tree to group tests, e.g. a hierarchy of Department-Class-Subject-Topic .
Administrator tools to create/manage users/groups and assign tests to users/groups.
Administrator tools to create/manage single-choice, multiple-choices and keywords-matching questions using a rich text editor.
Administrator tools to create/manage tests that contain questions. A test may have a time-limit and a time window in which it can be taken.
Student test-taking functionality that can be presented either one question at a time or multiple questions in a page.
Student test results that can be optionally suppressed or be viewable once a test is completed.
Charting of student's performance (very rudimentary at this stage).
Time limits on questions and/or tests.
Support for images and external links (via rich text editor) in questions and answer choices.
Anonymous users who can take the same test multiple times.


What's New in This Release:
This release implements reordering of questions that are assigned to a test with the administrator test editor.
The Ant build script has been changed to package all Web Java classes into a jar file, which is then put into the WEB-INF/lib within the war file.
There are unit tests using JBoss Embeddable EJB3 container.
This release adds INTEGER (single integer answer) and DECIMAL (single decimal value answer) question types.
Some bugs have been fixed.

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