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DACS is an open source identity management and access control system for web services

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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DACS is an open source identity management and access control system for web services. The web services can be virtually any static or computational resources provided through HTTP.

Here are some key features of "DACS":
a flexible and powerful role-based access control system;
a set of feature-rich authentication methods;
an Apache 2.0.X module and suite of CGI programs;
a federated identity management system (single sign-on);
oriented towards (but not limited to) controlling access to web service requests made using standard web browsers;
a collection of web services that can provide access control and identity management functionality to your middleware;
a C/C++ toolkit for building new authentication and access control functionality into programs, whether web-based or not;
for Unix-type platforms (currently), such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris; and has
an open, lightweight design and portable implementation.

DACS can help you to manage access to web resources in many situations, whether you have just one web server, several web servers at one site, or many web servers spread across the Internet.

You may find it to be useful simply as a universal authentication mechanism for a single Apache server or as a full-fledged, single sign-on multi-server identity management and access control system.

DACS may be of interest to developers more interested in authentication functionality than access control. DACS identities can be integrated with HTTP-based clients, whether interactive or not, and non-web based client/server applications.

Designed and implemented by DSS, development of DACS was initiated in May, 2001. DACS is a key component of Canada's National Forest Information System (NFIS).

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