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Dada Mail project is a general purpose mailing list manager who is targeted to be used for small to medium organizations such as busi

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Dada Mail project is a general purpose mailing list manager who is targeted to be used for small to medium organizations such as businesses, non-profit organizations and personal sites. A Mailing List Manager is a program that handles the subscriptions of a mailing list and in this case also sends out mailing list messages - emails that are received by everyone that is subscribed to the mailing list.

The goal in this perspective of Dada Mail is to be able to be easily installed and useful by a web-savvy person. This person does not have to be a professional web designer/developer. It is also hoped that there is much breathing room for the program to grow with the needs and expectations of whatever organization it is to be used for.

Dada Mail is also a many-tiered art project. The initial goal was to see how far a self-taught, admittedly poor math student could take a computer program, written from scratch. The answer it seems, is very very far. The idea being played with is of a person taking on a role that doesn't seem to fit them well and flourishing. This wasn't acting, this was real life. Four Years is a Long Time.

Dada Mail is also used to question the idea on what a piece of software is and what it isn't, making definitions such as "name", "function", "purpose", slippery. The creator of Dada Mail, Justin Simoni, has many more credentials as an Artist, attending the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design as a senior in their Drawing and Painting program, than he does as a Software Engineer, of which credentials he has none, except the time he has spent with projects, like Dada Mail.

Here are some key features of "Dada Mail":
Dada Mail is a Web-Based System. You don't need to remember cryptic commands to send to a special address just to have the program e-mail you back telling you you're wrong. You administrate your lists using a control panel you view through your web browser - like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Dada Mail Supports an Unlimited Number of Mailing Lists. Dada Mail was made from the start to be expandable. Each list can be managed separately with a different password for protection. Setting up a list can take as little as a minute to make! All list information can be changed at any time.
Dada Mail Is Customizable. Most pages generated by Dada Mail can be wrapped in a template - a look and design that you want your list to have. Dada Mail can look exactly like the rest of your web site, making less of a separate CGI script and more a part of your web site that comes alive to your visitors. Messages Dada Mail sends can also be customized, you get to word exactly how you want your messages sent. Even the signup form that you can put on any page of your web site can be changed for your taste - automatically.
Dada Mail Archives List Messages. Dada Mail keeps an archive of every mass mailing message it sends and also provides a simple way to view them. Archiving can be paused and archives can be hidden from your visitors but not from you the list owner.
Dada Mail Supports Announce-Only and Group Lists. You can extend Dada Mail with a script that's included with Dada Mail to send list messages from your own e-mail client, like Eudora or Outlook. Group Lists can be setup easily from your control panel and you can set up a thriving group discussion list.
Dada Mail Is Free! We don't try to have you make a decision on picking a mailing list manager by giving you a crippled "version" and then only give you the real version after you pay money for a piece of software that may not do what you really need. We give you the entire program.
Dada Mail is Supported! This entire site is provided to answer any questions you have and help you even when your Dada is installed. We've gained a great following of people that love our program and we plan to keep them happy for a long time.
Dada Mail is Easy To Use. Hard things are easy in Dada Mail. They should be. Features you don't need can be turned off if wanted. All error messages give you precise information on what went wrong and how to use it. Its more advice on how to do what your doing better than telling you you're wrong.
Dada Mail is Powerful. In minutes you can set up your entire list system, with announce-only lists for special e-mailings and group lists for discussion. Dada Mail can even be enhanced with the help of other programs like Majordomo - another list manager and Mhonarch, an e-mail archiver.
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What's New in This Release:
This version features a completely new Sending Monitor system to allow you to see exactly where you are in your mailing list when sending out a mailing list message.
The sending monitor also automatically revives any mailings that are dropped because of resource problems, process time, rebooted servers, etc.
Note that all features introduced in the 2.11 alpha development series are present in this version, except they are labeled "experimental".

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