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Daemon turns other processes into daemons

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 57K
Developer: raf
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Daemon turns other processes into daemons. There are many tasks that need to be performed to correctly set up a daemon process.

This can be tedious. Daemon performs these tasks for other processes. This is useful for writing daemons in languages other than C, C++ or Perl (e.g. /bin/sh, Java).

Here are some key features of "daemon":
Sets up the correct process context for a daemon.
Behaves sensibly when started by initd(8) or inetd(8).
Revokes any suid or sgid privileges to reduce security risks in case daemon is incorrectly installed with special privileges.
Prevents the generation of core files to prevent leaking sensitive information from daemons run as root (optional).
Names the daemon by creating and locking a PID file to guarantee that only one daemon with the given name can execute at any given time (optional).
Sets the user and group under which to run the daemon (optional, root only).
Creates a chroot gaol (optional, root only).
Captures the daemon's stdout and stderr and directs them to syslog (optional).
Respawns the daemon when it terminates (optional).
Configuration file to define default options for different daemons (optional).

GNU make to compile.
perl to run the scripts in the conf directory and to install per-function manpage links
an ISO C compiler like gcc to compile the source.
pod2man (comes with perl) to make the manpages.
pod2html (comes with perl) to make the html manpages.
POSIX 1003.2 compliant regex functions.

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