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License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: Alejandro Juarez
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DBIx::SQL::Abstract is a Perl module that provides a convenient abstraction layer to a database.


use DBIx::SQL::Abstract;

my $dbh = DBIx::SQL::Abstract->new( %dbcfg );

Building SQL Abstractions.

my($query, @bind) = $dbh->select($table, @fields, %where, @order);
my($query, @bind) = $dbh->insert($table, %fieldvals || @values);
my($query, @bind) = $dbh->update($table, %fieldvals, %where);
my($query, @bind) = $dbh->delete($table, %where);

Using DBI methods

my $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
my $rc = $dbh->begin_work;
my $rc = $dbh->commit;
my $rc = $dbh->rollback;
my $rc = $dbh->disconnect;

Anything else DBI method can be used, by Example:

my $err = $dbh->err;
my $err = $dbh->errstr;
my $rv = $dbh->state;
my $rc = $dbh->DESTROY;

The intention of this module is to join some methods from the DBI and the SQL::Abstract modules, for a convenient and easy use.

To begin, we create an object, but first we must create a hash which contains the database parameters as follows.

my %dbcfg = { PrintError => 1,
RaiseError => 0,
AutoCommit => 0,
ChopBlanks => 1
driver => 'Pg',
dbname => 'db',
host => undef,
port => undef,
user => 'user',
passwd => undef

Notice that this parameters are set as default unless you set your required values.
my $dbh = DBIx::SQL::Abstract->new( %dbcfg );

This object automatically creates the connection with the database, and gets the methods listed above.


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