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debris is a free text mode HTML browser package

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 4259K
Developer: Daniel Kroening
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debris is a free text mode HTML browser package. It provides support for tables and forms. It is a secure environment suited for public terminals, and is small (only 25% of the size of lynx) and fast
DBOX has all the features of a BBS package for Linux.Unix DBOX was made for heavy-use, professional systems. However, you can also use it for light-use on Windows 95/98/2000/NT.

Up to now, only a German version is available, but an English
version is coming soon.

Here are some key features of "debris":
DBOX has its own user database, designed for *really* many users - Janus/ZConnect/UUCP mail transfers
user interface: menu system or command line (geonet)
If you are an ISP, you can charge online time, net traffic and e-mail
SLIP for internet access with automatic assignment of an IP-address
support for CD-ROM downloads
file boards
mailing list daemon and mail file server included
Internet interface (POP3, HTTP/HTML)
homepage manager for user designed WWW-homepages
online shopping (HTML/HTTP) with user accounts, logos/images are customizeable
RADIUS(R) server

What's New in This Release:
now compiles on new compilers and libraries
ostat: SLIP -> IP
webonline: account.set now also obeyed from group profile
webonline: webstats now in ~/boxname/webstats/user
listgen: account statements now from/to abs_host

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