Decomp 0.0 review

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Decomp is a sorta complete decompiler

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 77K
Developer: Jonathan duSaint
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Decomp is a sorta complete decompiler. It supports (more or less) ELF32, ELF64, PE, NE, MZ, and COM executables on the IA-32 architecture (x86).

It'll tell you it also supports the Alpha, but don't believe it. The generated code can't be recompiled so it isn't terribly useful, but it's a great toy to play with and it does decompile things just fine.

Usage: decomp [OPTION]... < FILE >

Decompile FILE into a complete assembly language file which can in turn be re-assembled.

-o, --output < file > Place output in file. The default is to append .S to the input file name.

-h, --help Print this message.
-v, --version Print version information.

-a, --address Print the address of each instruction.
-c, --opcode Print the opcode of each instruction.
-p, --prefix Print any instruction prefixes.

-d, --debug Print debugging information.
-t, --trace Turn on memory tracing.

-q, --queue-size < size > Adjust the size of the output instruction queue. Only use this if you know what you are doing.

IA-32 specific options:
-s, --style < nasm|gas > Select assembly language style. Not yet implemented.

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