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DiaCanvas2 is a flexible diagramming widget

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Arjan J. Molenaar
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DiaCanvas2 is a flexible diagramming widget. It is based on GnomeCanvas. It uses its own constraint solver to maintain relationships between items on the canvas.

DiaCanvas2 is Model, View and Controller-based and makes full use of GnomeCanvas' features.

Here are some key features of "DiaCanvas2":
Model/View/Controller based design: The DiaCanvas class only holds abstract data (using DiaShape objects), the data is rendered by one or more DiaCanvasView's.
The widely used GnomeCanvas for visualization. This makes it easy to let DiaCanvas2 display anti-aliased diagrams with translucency (alpha) support.
Export facilities for GnomePrint and SVG.
Objects can be rotated/sheared/resized/etc. without the need to recalculate shapes. DiaCanvas relies heavily on the LibArt library (which is a standard GNOME library).
Objects can connect to each other with handles. The connection is represented as a mathematical equation, which is solved using a linear constraint solver (see the reference documentation for more info). Handles do not need predefined connection points, but can connect to each other in a more generic way.
Of course DiaCanvas2 has all the features a modern application needs, including undo/redo functionality.
DiaCanvas2 is tested using Unit-tests. The unit test is a set of tests that ensure a consistent (application programming) interface.

Note that DiaCanvas is not related to the diagramming tool DIA, except for its look and feel.

What's New in This Release:
Minor updates for Gaphor 0.8.0

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