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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Pawel Foremski
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dirqmail is a qmail patch which adds simple and fast virtual users support based on directories.

dirqmail puts users in /var/qmail/mail/< domain >/< login > directories, so for instance if /var/qmail/mail/example.org/example directory exists, qmail will treat example.org as a local domain, will accept mail for it via SMTP and QMTP daemons and will deliver mail to example@example.org as 'alias' user using /var/qmail/mail/example.org/example as the home directory.

Here are some key features of "dirqmail":
simple - you can just "see" and administer your domains and users from the command line or any file manager
fast - checking for user of domain existence is just stat'ing the correct directory
atomic - all changes do not need any restarts/etc - everything just work in the "real-time"
simple and fast aliases - just use symbolic links!
works out of the box - just create /var/qmail/mail/domain.org/user to create user@domain.org user - permissions, ownership and Maildir creation will be handled automatically
does not remove any of qmail features - dirqmail can coexist with any existent qmail installation - for example you can have some domains and users handled by system users (using /etc/passwd), some by qmail-users (/var/qmail/users), some by vpopmail and some by dirqmail (/var/qmail/mail)
includes patch for checkpassword with support for POP3 (PASS and APOP) and SMTP (LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5) - both for Krzysztof Dabrowski's and Erwin Hoffmann's SMTP AUTH patches

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