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Domino Javadoc Generator project aims to create a documentation to the Lotus Notes API for Java in a standard format common in the Ja

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Developer: Ferdinand Prantl
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Domino Javadoc Generator project aims to create a documentation to the Lotus Notes API for Java in a standard format common in the Java comunity and accepted by the most IDEs for Java.

The Lotus Notes API is delivered as a Java archive together with the original documentation in the native format of a Domino database with the IBM Domino Designer. The documentation can be read only in the Lotus Notes. Java-oriented tools cannot use it to display a description of a Java class, to browse classes and their methods or to offer an automatic code insertion based on a Java object and its class.

The goal is to create a Javadoc documentation together with a pseudo-source code of the Lotus Notes API. The documentation can be viewed, indexed and integrated to IDEs. The pseudo-source code can be integrated to IDEs to support object browsing and automatic source code insertion.

Lotus Notes and Domino Designer (the tested version is 7.0.1)
JDK (the tested version is 1.5.0)
Apache Ant (the tested version is 1.6.5)
EXSLT processor (the tested version is xsltproc gnu-xml with libxml-20615, libxslt-10112 and libexslt-810)


create a directory for the package

It is sensible to create a common master directory for the others packages, either dependencies of this package or other new ones. It helps keeping all the unpacked packages in good order, for example:


Names of the packages rarely clash with the others. It is usual to use the name of the package for the name of the directory, for example:


unpack the chosen bin package into this directory

cd d:packagesdomino-javadoc

correct the path to your local Java SDK installation, Lotus Notes directory and the paths to other tools in the example batch file and run it


produce the documentation

ant -f generate.xml

The generated files are provided in a downloadable archive for convenience.

What's New in This Release:
! wrong command-line parameter handling for DTD (-d|--document => -t|--dxl-dtd)
! missing path to a DXL DTD in Ant script generate.xml
~ examples generated in external files by default (configurable)
+ templates for the output conversion of tables
+ links to classes, methods, examples and other pages recognized and generated
+ additional documentation pages processed
+ the first page of the Java documentation copied as the overview page
+ support for the sections "see also" added

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