Dual DHCP DNS Server 4.0 Beta review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Achal Dhir
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Dual DHCP DNS Server is a combined DHCP/DNS server for small LANs.

Dynamic DHCP allocates/renews host addresses, while the caching DNS server first tries resolving from DHCP-allotted names, then from cache, and only then forwarding to external DNS servers.

Dual DHCP DNS Server supports an optional static DHCP mode and static IPs, automatic dynamic DNS updates from DHCP, and the ability to co-exist with other DHCP servers.

It is self-configuring and doesn't require the creation of zone files, and uses little memory and CPU.

What's New in This Release:
BUGS Fixed in 4.0
Multi Homed Broadcast on wrong interface error fixed.
BootP Support fixed.

ENHANCEMENTS in version 4.0

The server has entered into multi network, multirange era.
DHCP - Different physical network can be servered by this server using DCHP Relay Agent.
Single host can have multiple IPs and single IP can have multiple hosts.
Zone based DNS Query routing [DNS-PROXY] is introduced.
Syslog logging added.

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