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DungeonMaker-Lib is a fork of the project DungeonMaker, which has been abandoned

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Aaron Dalton
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DungeonMaker-Lib is a fork of the project DungeonMaker, which has been abandoned. A fork was chosen as changes needed to be made to the original code to more easily accommodate scripting front-ends. The code forks from their 2.02 release.

This C++ library "grows" dungeons for use in isometric games using artificial life algorithms. It is a fork of the existing DungeonMaker project, which has been abandoned.

Desiring to create a Perl front-end to the library, I decided to fork as I wanted to make some changes to the code itself.

The code is forked from their v2.02 release. The major change in the current release is the incorporation of the original main.cpp into the DungeonMaker object itself as a new generate() method.

This makes it much easier to develop front-ends. Further changes are forthcoming. Soon the Swig interface file and Perl front-end will be added to the release with other interfaces hopefully to follow.

This project is brand-new and thus the website and other documentation is somewhat thin, but will expand over time.

What's New in This Release:
All changes from the DungeonMaker-Lib fork were merged with the main DungeonMaker tree.
A preliminary Perl front-end was released.

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