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The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Theodore Ts'o
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The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) contain all of the standard utilities for creating, fixing, configuring , and debugging ext2 filesystems.

What's New in This Release:
Fix blkid's test programs (built with "make check") compile correctly even without "configure --enable-blkid-debug".
Fix ia64 core dump bug caused by e2fsprogs running afoul of C99 strict type aliasing rules on newer gcc compilers.
(Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla ##161183.) Fix com_err library to make it more compatible with recent changes made to the com_err library in MIT Kerberos V5 version 1.4. (Addresses Sourcefroge Bug #1150146) General cleanup of messages printed by e2fsprogs programs for grammar, consistency, and to make life easier for translators. Fixed a few strings containing English that had not been marked as needing translations. Removed strings that do not need to be translated, to make life easier for translators. Mke2fs and badblocks will take advantage of a feature in Linux 2.6 to test to see if a device appears to be in use instead of just relying on /proc/mounts and /etc/mtab. (Addresses Debian Bug #308594).
Fix portability problem in the filefrag program affecting platforms where the size of an integer is smaller than the size of a long.
(Addresses Debian Bug #309655) Mke2fs will now use a larger journal by default for filesystems greater than 4GB. (128 MB instead of 32MB).
Mke2fs will refuse to create filesystems greater than 2**31-1 blocks, unless forced.
This is to avoid signed vs. unsigned kernel bugs in block numbers that still need to be fixed.
The blkid program has a new option which will more efficiently search for device when it is known (or expected) that only one matching device will be found in the system, such as when doing a lookup by UUID.
Debian's e2fsprogs-specific initrd fragment will avoid including unnecessary libraries into the initrd ramdisk by unsetting LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and filtering out libraries found in /etc/ld.so.preload.
(Addresses Debian Bug: #304003) Fixed a potential portability issue in the blkid programs for architectures where the char type is unsigned.
(Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1180585)
Fix a bug in filefrag so that it doesn't falsely count an extra discontinuity when the first block found is an indirect block. (Addresses Debian Bug #307607).
Fix blkid's recognition of cramfs filesystems, and enhance it to be able to handle cramfs labels.
Fix debugfs's stat command to not core dump when a filesystem is not open.
Fix e2fsck's handling of error conditions caused by the resize inode claiming blocks that are also used by other inodes, a filesystem corruption which was commonly caused by a bug in Fedora Core 3's resize2fs program.
Fixed bug in filefrag which caused it to fail on non-ext2/3 filesystems. (Addresses Debian Bug: #303509)
If the superblock last mount time indicates that the system clock may not be accurate, then e2fsck will omit checking inodes' deletion time field for indications of a potential corrupted orphaned inode list. (Previously e2fsck only ommited these LOW_DTIME checks when the superblock's last write time looked insane.)
Fixed a IA64 core dump bug in the e2p library which affected dumpe2fs. (Addresses Debian bug #302200) Make the blkid library more paranoid about being run from setgid programs, and to use __secure_getenv() from libc if it is available.
Fixed spelling mistakes, typos, and otherwise clarified man pages. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #304591, #304592, #304594, #304597, #304593 and Sourceforge Bug: #1189803) Updated and fixed translations.
Fixed various Debian packaging issues --- see debian/changelog for details. Programmer's notes: ------------------- Ext2fs_set_bit(), ext2fs_clear_bit(), and ext2fs_test_bit( have been changed to take an unsigned int for the bit number.
Negative bit numbers were never allowed (and didn't make any sense), so this should be a safe change.
This is needed to allow safe use of block numbers greater than or equal to 2**31.
The compile_et program will avoid recreating generated foo_err.c and foo_err.h files if no changes are necessary.
The compile_et program will also atomically replace these files to avoid a potential parallel build race problem on SMP systems. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1157933)
Added a new function to the blkid library, blkid_probe_all_new(), which only probes newly added disk devices, and change blkid_find_dev_with_tag() to use this function so that when a requested tag is not found, devices that were previously not checked are searched before searching all devices in the system.
Added new functions to the blkid library, blkid_dev_set_search() and blkid_dev_has_tag(). E2fsck's problem strings can now use @m and @n as abbrevations for "multiply-claimed" and "invalid", respectively.
The e2fsprog.pot file now has an explanation of how the @-expansion and %-expansion works, and strings in e2fsck/problem.c which contain @ characters now have comments in e2fsprogs.pot with the @-expansion to make life easier for translators.
Fixed missing return values in the ext2fs library which could cause it to return random garbage in certain error conditions.
Allow the current time to be overriden via the E2FSCK_TIME environment variable for use in regression tests.
The test scrpit driver program now exits with a non-zero status if there any of its test that it ran failed.
Fixed problems with parabuilds on SMP systems. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1157933)
Fixed "make check" so that it compiles correctly even when e2fsprogs' header files have not be installed in the system include directories. (Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1180572) Fixed gcc -Wall nits.

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