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Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Karel Kubat
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Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web. Easy SVN Browser is easy because only a command line svn program and Perl are required to run it; no extra software needs to be installed. After configuring the Perl script as cgi-bin program, SVN repositories can be navigated, and entries viewed for contents, history, and diffs.


Follow these steps for a quick installation of web-svn-view:

1. Log in as the user who is running the webserver (e.g., www).

2. As this user, make sure you have read-access on your repository. Issue an svn command to make sure that if necessary, you are prompted for a username and password. Once the viewer is running, logins must take place automatically.

3. Obtain web-svn-view by getting the archive http://public.e-tunity.com/web-svn-view/web-svn-view-latest.tar.gz . Save the archive on your disk as e.g.

4. Change-dir to a directory where the webserver will run the viewer.

5. Unpack, using tar xzf /tmp/web-svn-view-latest.tar.gz. Note the full paths to the contained directories cgi-bin, css and img. In the following example we'll assume that the base directory is /Users/e/src/e.

6. Edit cgi-bin/web-svn-view and modify the configuration variables at the top of the file. The variables are documented in the script.

7. Edit the server's configuration file. E.g, for Apache, edit httpd.conf and add the following lines:

ScriptAlias /svnbin /Users/e/src/e/web-svn-view/cgi-bin
Alias /svncss /Users/e/src/e/web-svn-view/css
Alias /svnimg /Users/e/src/e/web-svn-view/img

< Location / >
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
< /Location >
< Location /svnbin >
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
< /Location >
< Location /svncss >
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
< /Location >
< Location /svnimg >
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
< /Location >

You will need to supply the right directories for your system.

8. Restart the webserver.

9. Point your browser to http://yoursite/svnbin/web-svn-view.

What's New in This Release:
The configuration settings in cgi-bin/web-svn-view can now be overridden by environment variables.
That makes it possible to re-use the same SVN browser to view many repositories, based on environment variables passed by the Web server.
The documentation was updated with an example.

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