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EduLinux is a Linux distribution intended for an office and educational use

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: EduLinux Team
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EduLinux is a Linux distribution intended for an office and educational use. The primary objective of this distribution is to make Linux accessible to everyone, diminishing the necessary expertise to set up and use Linux.

EduLinux includes a totally free operating system as well as a complete software suite : Internet navigator, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, CD-burner, DVD player, games,etc... that work on every PC type computer (pentium class).

The target audience is primarily novice computer users in addition to more experienced users.

Particular efforts have been made in choosing the applications installed by default for everyday use of EduLinux in office, multimedia or educational environments.

EduLinux was officially launched on June, 3rd 2003, but it's been more than a year that the EduLinux team has developed and debugged this totally free solution.

The whole team is convinced that using Linux every day is possible through EduLinux ! Now it's up to you to try it…

Hundreds of programs are available for EduLinux 9.1. This is only a part of the list, including the main programs installed by default.

Read the article "EduLinux in action" to have a general survey of the functions offered by EduLinux. Links to other programs are also proposed to you in the text.

Freely downloadable version

- Office suite : OpenOffice 1.0.3 with the french spellchecker.
- Web-browser : Mozilla 1.3.1 in French [1], with bookmarks from the Universit? de Sherbrooke.
- Educational softwares
- Wide offer of games
- MP3 player : XMMS
- Personal finances : GnuCash
- Project management program : MrProject
- Synchronizing of a Palm Pilot : JPilot
- All the security updates of Mandrake 9.1 arwere made on May, 28.

Complete version (4 CD-ROMS)

All the basic software, plus :

- Acrobat™ Reader
- FlashPlayer™
- RealPlayer™
- Xine (lecteur vid?o et DVD)
- NVIDIA™ drivers
- Java™ Environment 1.4

And much more ! EduLinux 9.1 contains more than 2400 packages, or about a thousand applications. It's up to you to find the one for you !

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