ELF Encrypter 0.12 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Asus
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The ELF-Encrypter program suite is a collection of programs to encrypt ELF binaries using various algorithms, including the ones provided by GPG.

One can choose a lot of methods to obtain the encryption key, such as hashing a list of PCI peripheals, MAC addresses of ethernet cards, file inode numbers, passphrases and passwords.

Here is the complete list:

8-bit fixed mask (used only for testing)
32-bit user selectable mask (used only for testing)
Cast5 (using GPG)
GPG - Encrypt (using GPG)
GPG - Sign (using GPG)
Ethernet MAC
Ethernet MAC and file inode
File inode
PCI binding

Executable files can be encrypted using the crypt-7lib program, then decrypted at runtime by a shared library (libdecrypt), directly linked to the binary or listed in LD_PRELOAD.

Users are strongly encouraged to use gpg-agent; however a special support for quintuple-agent is available at compilation time.

The suite also contains programs to manipulate and inject plain or encrypted code into ELF binaries.

This project is written in C and assembly for the x86 platform.

What's New in This Release:
changed the data segment infection technique
added the code to correct section table offsets

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