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This is a program for enumerating ipx nodes on a network

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 10K
Developer: Jacek Lipkowski
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This is a program for enumerating ipx nodes on a network. It works by sending an ipx ping packet to all nodes on a network. In addition to printing the ipx network and node address it is able to: print the hexdump of the packet (-h option), try to identify the ipx stack on the node (-i option - please note that this is unreliable at best), and parse the diagnostic response (-p option) giving the ipx version, the spx diagnostic socket, a list of installed components, a list of interfaces in case of routers etc. By default the program uses all networks in /proc/net/ipx_route. If you want to limit the query to a single network use the -n option (like -n 12abc, -n 0 is always the local network).

These are the available options:
Avaliable options:
--help: help
-h : hexdump of the ping response
-i : try to identify the node (unreliable at best), you will get a
hexdump of the response if identification fails
-p : parse diagnostic message
-a : equivalent to -h -p -i
-n NET: ping only single net
-t sec: how much to wait for responses in seconds (default: 2)

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