Ettercap 0.7.3 review

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Ettercap is a network sniffer/interceptor/logger for ethernet LANs

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: ALoR NaGA
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Ettercap is a network sniffer/interceptor/logger for ethernet LANs. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even ciphered ones, like SSH and HTTPS). Data injection in an established connection and filtering on the fly is also possible, keeping the connection synchronized.

Many sniffing modes were implemented to give you a powerful and complete sniffing suite. Plugins are supported. It has the ability to check whether you are in a switched LAN or not, and to use OS fingerprints (active or passive) to let you know the geometry of the LAN.

libpcap >= 0.8.1
libnet >=

What's New in This Release:
added the INC (+=) and DEC (-=) operators to the filter engine
fixed the compilation of some plugins
fixed a segfault in the isolate plugin
fixed a bug in the dhcp spoofing module
fixed a serious security bug

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