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Exiv2 comprises of a C++ library and a command line utility to access image metadata

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Andreas Huggel
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Exiv2 comprises of a C++ library and a command line utility to access image metadata. Exiv2 is free software and it is released under the GPL Public License.

Exiv2 is also a command line utility to

print the Exif metadata of Jpeg images as summary info, interpreted values, or the plain data for each tag (here is a sample)
print the Iptc metadata of Jpeg images
print the Jpeg comment of Jpeg images
set, add and delete Exif and Iptc metadata of Jpeg images
adjust the Exif timestamp (that's how it all started...)
rename Exif image files according to the Exif timestamp
extract, insert and delete Exif metadata, Iptc metadata and Jpeg comments
extract, insert and delete the thumbnail image embedded in the Exif metadata

Here are some key features of "Exiv2":

1. full read and write access to the Exif and Iptc metadata of an image through Exiv2 keys and standard C++ iterators
2. a smart Iptc implementation that does not effect data that programs like Photoshop store in the same image segment
3. Exif MakerNote support:
MakerNote tags can be accessed just like any other Exif metadata
a sophisticated write algorithm avoids corrupting the MakerNote:
o the MakerNote is not re-located if possible at all, and
o MakerNote Ifd offsets are re-calculated if the MakerNote needs to be moved (for known Ifd MakerNotes)
4. new camera make/model specific MakerNotes can be added to the library with minimum effort in OO-fashion (by subclassing MakerNote or IfdMakerNote)
5. extract and delete methods for Exif thumbnails (both, Jpeg and Tiff thumbnails)
6. set methods for Exif thumbnails (Jpeg only, Tiff thumbnails can be set from individual tags)
7. complete API documentation (by Doxygen)
8. generic lower-level classes to access Ifd (Image File Directory) data structures

What's New in This Release:
This is a bugfix release with just a few new features thrown in.
The exiv2 tool can now use the original filename when renaming images and the library has pretty-print functions for Exif GPS tags.

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