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eZ publish is a popular open source content management system and development framework

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 23557K
Developer: eZ systems
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eZ publish is a popular open source content management system and development framework. eZ publish project is distributed, developed and supported by eZ systems. eZ systems is a commercial company, founded by experienced and open-minded people. The company builds its business by providing services around the eZ publish system. For more information about eZ systems, read the "What is eZ systems?" section.

eZ publish allows the development of highly professional and customized internet solutions and dynamic web applications. It can be used to build anything from a personal homepage to a multinational corporate website with role based multiuser access, online shopping, discussion forums and other advanced functionality. In addition, because of its nature of openness, eZ publish can be easily plugged into, communicate and coexist with existing IT-solutions.

eZ publish comes with a wide range of advanced built-in features, which make it possible to develop professional, complex, secure and reliable solutions within a short amount of time. In addition to the built-in features, the system allows for extensions and custom modifications in almost any direction. Unlike other content management systems, eZ publish delivers a flexible, generic solution with very few limitations. In other words, this is a scalable and dynamic system that companies and organizations can grow with.

eZ publish is platform independent. It can be used on Windows and several UNIX variants such as OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX, etc. In addition, eZ publish is also database independent; if a specific database isn't supported, it is possible to write a driver without modifying any kernel code.

eZ publish is open software, supporting open standards. The software is constructed following strict development processes in order to ensure high technical quality and usability.

eZ publish is dual licensed. There is a GPL (General Public License) and a professional license. Using the GPL license, people can build their own open source applications and thereby contribute to the development of free and open software. The professional license allows companies to make and sell commercial software that is developed using and/or built upon the eZ publish system.

What's New in 3.9.0 RC1 Development Release:
We have now added a completely new front-end design.
This new design replaces all the different sitedesigns that shipped with earlier versions.
We think the new front-end design will be very much appreciated and will show in much more detail what you can build with eZ publish.
Together with the new features in the Online Editor and the inclusion of the Open Document Format extension (previously known as "oo" and the "OpenOffice extension") eZ publish provides many new features out-of-the-box.

What's New in 3.8.6 Stable Release:
Because of a bug that was introduced in eZ publish 3.8.5, xmlblock attributes containing single linefeeds were not rendered correctly.
The result is that content was not displayed correctly.
However, it is important to note that the bug was not destructive to data.

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