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FancyLauncher is basically a program launcher with many customizable features

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 241K
Developer: Alex
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FancyLauncher is basically a program launcher with many customizable features. The snapshot shows how it looks like with the default configuration. The rxvt button is focused and the associated tooltip is displayed.

The license is GPL. This is the new version of the former E-FancyLauncher, written for enlightenment as an epplet. For people migrating to FancyLauncher the utility EF2F is provided to translate the E-FancyLauncher configuration file to the FancyLauncher configuration file. If you use it, you should have a look at the default configuration and the plugins directory to see the new features.

The configuration directory is located in your home directory and is named .FancyLauncher. There you will find the configuration file config and you should copy the plugins with the command cp -r /usr/local/FancyLauncher/plugins ~/.FancyLauncher/.

The configuration file works by definitions.

common defines common options that are inherited by all the buttons. These options can be redefined.
button defines a button launcher.
digital_clock defines a digital clock.

What's New in This Release:
Suggestions: adding dir asked by dmitry kirsanov and appending files by Marc A. Tamsky,
pretty printing of played time asked by Chris Bidmead, and printing of song's length asked by Draco Paladin.
Added +file to add files or directories.
Added -file to remove files or directories.
Added color printing (use more or less -Rf to view HELP).
Added an emacs transcriber from Chris Bidmead.
Added print, a general printing function (deprecates all other printing commands).
Fixed memory leaks.
Renamed sample scripts with the .sh suffix.
Added conditional print (eq,neq).
Added uniq command to remove duplicates from the playlist.
Added the sample script to demonstrate the print command.
Added clear to clear the playlist.

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