FARnodes 1.0 review

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FARnodes is a protocol simulation and execution environment

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Josef Spillner
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FARnodes is a protocol simulation and execution environment. FARnodes project comes with a command-line frontend, a protocol code distribution manager, and a statistical analyser based on PyKDE.

Example algorithms like Consensus and several other small tools and a big chunk of documentation make this a suitable entry-level software for people who have some interest in this (somewhat academic) area.

Here are some key features of "FARnodes":
High portability and easy extensibility of the framework due to a pure Python implementation.
Protocols can assume either fully synchronous or asynchronous systems, or one of FAR (Finite Average Response times) or PS (Partial Synchrony).
Channels can exhibit unreliable or stubborn behaviour.
Failure detectors include EA-FD and PS-FD, both eventually perfect, but others can be added.
Simulations can expect a virtual timer and can be saved and reloaded in many cases.
Tools for remote execution and graphical data analysis.

Python 2.3+ is required for all operations
Pygame (SDL for Python) is required for the graphical simulation frontend
SSH and SSH utilities are required for distributed execution
PyKDE is needed for the graphical analyser tool

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