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FileLister is an file system indexing tool with a web based front-end

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1881K
Developer: Florian Steinsiepe
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FileLister is an file system indexing tool with a web based front-end. Running platform independently in a web environment, its goal is to easily find files in large archives, using a rich set of search configuration options.

Additionally, you may download single files or even create and download zip files on the fly from the results of your search.

Here are some key features of "FileLister":
Simple / Advanced Search modes
Substring, case-sensitive/-insensitive, exact, regular expressions search
Search within the whole index tree or within parts of it only
Search by size, modification date, file/folder/all; sort order definition
Choice between searching the index or directly on disk
Search again / Search within results modes
Column resorting, results navigation, definition of results-per-site count
Dynamic results caching
Creation of links for both files and directories for direct download from results view
Generation and download of zip files created out of the results
Indexing tool which is configurable as cron job / scheduled task
Graphical configuration tool for the definition of the application settings, including out-of-the-tool JDBC testing part
Dynamic reload of modified application settings
Possibility to define a virtual root directory to be indexed: Ideal tool for searching e.g. a software archive
Open Source (GPL licensed)

Technologies used:

J2SDK / Swing
Java Servlets API / JSP
Xerces XML
JavaScript / CSS

JRE 1.3.1 or Java 2 SDK 1.3.1 (or higher)
A servlet runner like Apache Tomcat (at least v3.3.1) or Catalina (at least v4.0.4)
MySQL Server installation (at least v3.23.x) or access to such a server

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