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Look for this buttons (after installing) on the "Customize toolbar" (Menu/View/Toolbars/Customize...)

License: MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File size: 134K
Developer: Michail A. Bicheyev
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Look for this buttons (after installing) on the "Customize toolbar" (Menu/View/Toolbars/Customize...). And you can add these buttons on the your toolbar or delete added buttons from toolbar.

New buttons:

Save as, New Navigator, Open file, Save frame, Send Link, Page setup, Print preview, Print, Import, Offline, Undo, Redo, Delete, Select All, Find, Customize toolbar, Enlarge text, Reduce text, Source, Add Bookmark, Send message, Extensions, Themes, Preferences, Help, Bookmarks Manager, Bookmarks, JavaScriptConsule, Dom inspector, Page Info,Clear private data, Select Next Tab, Select Previous Tab, Normal Text Size, Full Window, Configuration (about:config), User's profile, AddonZilla, Google mail web page,Yahoo mail web page and Hotmail web page.

This version included translations: English (en-US), Russian (ru-RU),Slovak (sk-SK), Polish (pl-PL), Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt-BR), French (fr-FR), Danish (da-DK), Italian (it-IT), Spanish (es-ES), Japanese (ja-JP), Hungarian (hu-HU), German (de-De), Dutch (nl-NL),Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN), Persian (fa-IR) and Ukrainian (uk-UA).

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