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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 164K
Developer: Open Phishing Database Project
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FirePhish is an extension for the Firefox browser that helps protect against
phishing attacks.

See for a short guide to FirePhish.


FirePhish is part of the Open Phishing Database project, an effort to create
maintain and open database of phishing sites in order to protect users,
in addition to providing extensions to browsers that utilise the database.


The anti-phishing icon is based on the babelfish icon from Everaldo's crystal
icon set for KDE:

The Open Phishing Database project is an effort to create and maintain and open database of phishing sites, in addition to providing browser extensions which utilise this database in order to provide users with a safer browsing experience.

There are currently several modules under development within the framework of the Open Phishing Database project:

libphish is a cross-platform library to interact with the Open Phishing Database, in order to provide a consistent API which browsers and other programs can use to verify the safety and risk level of URLs.
Anti-phishing toolbars for the Firefox and Konqueror web browsers which utilise the Open Phishing Database through the use of libphish.


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