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fk is a free software replacement for the TIS fwtk

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 88K
Developer: Matthew, Ian Lynagh
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fk is a free software replacement for the TIS fwtk. A while ago, I decided that the world needed a free software proxy firewall kit, as I was unhappy with the TIS fwtk. Nobody else appeared to be actively working on one (perhaps I didn't look hard enough), so I decided to have a wee go. Ian Lynagh was hacking on this task with me, but seems to have disappeared.

The proxies are designed for fixed destinations, or for use as transparent proxies - thus far, there is no support for proxy authentication of any kind.

Here are some key features of "FK":
a simple TCP plug,
a POP-3 gateway,
a lightweight rfc1413 (ident) server,
an ftp gateway,
a (functional but incomplete) SMTP proxy
a simple HTTP server
a really simple HTTP proxy
a userspace ping server
a fair bit of code which makes writing more proxies fairly easy,
some log file monitoring tools, and
a (rather nice, IMHO) network/host ACL facility like netacl or tcpd

What's New in This Release:
new documentation:
+ status document (doc/HONESTY)
+ configuration guide (doc/CONFIGURATION)
userspace ping server (will need probably portability fixes to work anywhere but Linux)
HTTP proxy improvements:
+ understands "GET http://etc" proxy syntax
+ understands HEAD and POST
+ keepalives seem to work, max requests configurable
"--wait" option added. Significant performance improvements where used (httpd went from 100 to 340 rps in simple testing)
fix stupid httpd segfault introduced in 0.6.6
timeout code fixed
Update IDSA support (patches from
+ now requires idsa-0.91.0 or later
Fix QUIT bug in pop-3 proxy

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