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flpsed project is a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 99K
Developer: Johannes Hofmann
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flpsed project is a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor. "Pseudo", because you can't remove or modify existing elements of a document.

But it does let you add arbitrary text lines to existing PostScript documents. Added lines can later be reedited with flpsed.

Using pdftops, one can convert PDF documents to PostScript and also add text to them. flpsed is useful for filling in forms, adding notes etc.

Here are some key features of "flpsed":
Add arbitrary text to existing PostScript documents.
Reedit text, that has been added with flpsed.
The overall structure of the PostScript document is not modified. flpsed only adds the additional text.
Batch processing (no X11 required) to modify tagged text lines that have been entered interactively with flpsed before. This is very useful for repeatedly filling in forms.
Text lines can be imported from other flpsed-modified documents.
Import and export PDF. Therefore it can be used as a PDF editor as well.

X11-based system (e.g. Linux, *BSD)
fltk-1.1 or fltk-2.0 for flpsed-0.4.x

What's New in This Release:
PDF files can now be imported from the command line.
Some font handling problems and a compile problem with recent fltk2 snapshots have been fixed.

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