FmpegPlayer 0.1.31 review

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FmpegPlayer is an MP3/MPEG/audio CD player for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Micke Sundberg
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FmpegPlayer is an MP3/MPEG/audio CD player for Linux. It combines smpeg, SDL, mpg123, and gtkhtml in an original way. It contains a built-in browser for radio channels from, allowing you to listen to a channel directly in your player with a single click.

There is also a "jukebox" function that allows you to queue up files in a secondary playlist. The songs in the jukebox-list will be played and then removed from the jukebox-playlist, but they will remain in the original playlist. Other features are: CDDB-support for audio CDs, a track editor for audio CDs, a 16-band graphical EQ, and a dockable applet.

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