Font Installer 0.7 review

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Font Installer is an update to KDE's font installer

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 732K
Developer: CraigD
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Font Installer is an update to KDE's font installer. The main change is the addition of a "font management" mode - to allow fonts to be grouped, and enabled/disabled.

Screenshot 1 shows the "standard" mode, this is similar to the existing installer, and is meant for people who just want to add and remove fonts. Screenshot 2 shows the new "font management mode", this is activated by a setting in the settings dialog. Screenshot 3 shows the updated font-viewer, which now has the ability to show all 65536 unicode characters - in chunks of
256 characters.

At the moment this is all KDE3 based - and is not in KDE's subversion, but when everything has settled down enough I'll add this to KDE and port to KDE4. I'm releasing this now just to canvas opinions, and suggestions for improvements.

NOTE: Installing this *will* overwrite the existing font installer.

What's New in This Release:
Fix font preview always being the same, regardless of style.
Better unique names when creating font packages
Use zip and not tar.gz for font packages
Export to fonts/group
Allow import of fonts/package and fonts/group
Allow fonts/package and fonts/group to be installed via konqueror service menu.
Installing a font via konqueror drag-n-drop, or via konqueror's right mouse button menu, will also update the KControl module (if loaded) - after the fontconfig files have been updated, etc.
8. Search bar is placed in main toolbar, and always shown.

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